Automated Baccarat
Multi-Player Electronic Baccarat
AGT Baccarat combines superior animated dealer interaction with fast-paced baccarat action made possible by its easy-to-use betting process. Featuring individual touch-screen player stations with
complete game history, configuration and game settings.
Game Flow
Start A Game
Players Bet
Deal Cards
Squeeze Cards
Annouce Result
Operator Benefits:
▲Appeals to broad player demographics.
▲Eliminate chip fraud and minimize players disputes.
▲Adjustable table limit to fit operating requirement and limit risk.
▲Increased game frequency: 50 to 90 games per hours.
▲Zero personnel cost, fully automatic operation Includes
a comprehensive range of reports.
▲Simple for staff to learn and operate.
▲Both Table and Station form factors for flexible floor layout.
Player Benefits:
▲User friendly game flow by using individual player terminal
with touch screen.
▲Less daunting for inexperienced players.
▲Rich game features for high rollers.

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